Anti Radiation Bluetooth Headset Earphone Single Side Ear

Anti Radiation Earphone with Bluetooth Function Headset Single Earphone

This is a set combo of bluetooth receiver and headset, which can protect your health against radiation.
Bluetooth: suitabel for any mobile phone, receiving callings and listen music
Radiation Proof:
*Compared with directly using the mobile phone, radiation is reduced by more than 1000 times
*Compared with using ordinary headphones, radiation is reduced by more than 60 times
*Compared with using a Bluetooth headset, radiation is reduced by more than 20 times
*Anti-radiation Earphone radiation levels is 30 times lower than the requirements of the Hygienic standard for environmental electromagnetic waves

rp_Anti-Radiation-Earphone-Single-Earphone-273x300.jpg rp_longer-radiation-protection-headset-300x165.jpg rp_Anti-Radiation-Earphone-for-mp3-player-300x300.jpg

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