Fishing Lure Bait LED Lighted VIB Sinking Lure Deepwater BLUETOOTHSUNGLASSESDVR #130506

Deepwater Fishing Lure Bait Flashing LED Light

Fishing Lure Bait LED Lighted VIB Sinking Lure Deepwater

1.The Flashing LED lure is a type of deep diving lure.
2.It can dive into the depths of 10-15ft.
3.This lure is suitable for both salt & freshwater fishing.
4.There are 2 non-replicable High Quality batteries inside that are water activated – no switches required!
5.This Crank Lure has a unique design with its clear paint color, tiger striping on the top & emits a Flashing RED LED light.
6.The lure is designed with a natural look to attract fish. Just like a real fish the dark tiger stripes on top camoflague the bait while the clear underbody with flashing LED light attracts the fish to attack from underneath the Lure ensuring they catch the razor sharp hooks.

Vibrations can be controlled depending on the location.
LED Color: Blue and Pink
The light will last up to 200 hours in salt or fresh water and will turn off whe it is removed from water by simply wiping the water off the lure.
Package Included: 1PC Led False fish lure light

It has been used to catch Salmon, Halibut, Rockfish, Lingcod, Mackerel, Pike, Trout, Bass and Walleye, Big games.
Very effective in low light conditions such as dark water, early morning, late evening, and deep water situations.
Perfect for casting or trolling, especially when the fish are not biting other lures or baits.

Fishing Lure Bait LED Lighted VIB Sinking Lure DeepwaterLED Fish Lure Bait Light Deepwater Fishing Flashing Lamp Tackle Hooks Outdoor

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