Mini USB Refrigerator Fridge Freezer Icebox Cooler Beverage Drink Cola Can Design for PC #71701

Mini USB Refrigerator Fridge Freezer Icebox Cooler Beverage Drink Cola Can Design for PC #71701

Tank tank seal design, we can feel it will be better on cooling. Just plug the mini USB Refrigerator to your computer,it will automatically work.Due to the different environmental temperature, the different cooling time is around 15-30 minutes to drink a cool beverage,good for students, office workers, tourism traveler.

1. This product has a rapid cooling function, especially for computer peripherals, to meet your different needs
2. This machine adopts advanced semiconductor electronic refrigeration heating technology, with no pollution, no noise, energy saving, portable, easy operation, low power consumption, long life and other more advantages, make your life more colorful.
3. All-clad aluminum liner rapid refrigerate, with excellent results
4. One beverage can (cococola) be placed within it.
5. Cooling Temperature: The minimum temperature down to 5 degrees refrigerator (actual temperature is approximately 15 degrees lower than the ambient temperature)

Product Power: USB Cooling 7W; DC cooling 40W
Product Voltage: USB / DC 5V

Size: 18.5CM * 10.5CM
Weight: 0.54KG
Cable length: USB data cable 1.4 m





Computer-USB-Refrigerator Mini-USB-Fridge USB-Refrigerator


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