Patch Type Radiation Proof Earphone for all mobile phone

Patch Type Radiation Proof Earphone for all mobile phone
Air Duct Radiation Headset is a prevention of mobile phone radiation products in Europe and America more popular, rely on air sound, let mobile phone away from the brain, reduce radiation.It attach to the mobile phone receiver position, rely on air to transport mobile phone voice, away from the brain to reduce radiation. 
Advantages of 1: in ear design, comfortable to wear, safety and health
Advantages of the 2: patch, support all mobile phone models
Advantages of 3: fashion appearance, design of air duct expansion length 95CM, away from the radiation
*Paste type absorber: using 3M powerful gum, not easy to fall off very durable, attached to the mobile phone earphone playback position
*Soft silicone earplugs earplugs: with very soft and comfortable medical silica gel,very healthy, do not hurt the ears. No speark in ear end, completely duct sound via air into your ears, strongly prevent mobile phone radiation
*High grade PE air hose: no wire airborne conduit, at length 90CM, spiral design not winding, very convenient to use

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